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  • Travertine Tiles

    Travertine is a beautiful and hard-wearing building material that has been used in construction since the ancient times. For example, the famous Colosseum in Rome was built from travertine, along with various other materials. Due to the solidity of travertine, and the mixture of other building materials, the Colosseum is still standing to this day! Nowadays, travertine is popular for its durability, as well as its beauty – available in a variety of colours and finishes. At Artmar, we supply magnificently crafted, natural Turkish travertine tiles, sourced and manufactured in Turkey.

    Travertine tiles are one of the most used natural minerals today, and is commonly used for façades decoration, wall cladding, and flooring. Some reasons why travertine is so effective, is that it provides complete thermal insulation and soundproofing – making it the perfect stone tile option for indoor floors and walls; with its toughness making it suitable for outdoor use and decoration as well. The colour of our  tiles varies from white to deep brown and bright red.

    The variety of finishes on travertine tiles offered by Artmar is amazing. Vein cut features natural lines of the stone while cross cut emphasises travertine’s pits and voids. The variety includes unfilled travertine with exposed holes and grooves, filled travertine with a smoother finish, tumbled with an aged finish or sandblasted.

    Whatever choice you make, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality, most reasonable prices and unique looks from Artmar’s travertine tiles, to benefit any modern interior or exterior design. Feel free to view our selection of travertine products in our online store. 

  • Bathroom Tiles

    Whether you are preparing for the day that lies ahead, or you are relaxing in the evening after a hectic day at work, your bathroom is a space where you always want to feel comfortable. Bathroom decorations play a significant role in creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere to indulge in, so be sure to make the right choice when looking for bathroom tiles, and other bathroom elements.

    We offer a wide selection of beautiful bathroom tiles at Artmar, including floor tiles and a wide range of stone tile options. Our tiles are made from only the best quality, natural stone from Turkey. Therefore, when using our products and services when completing your bathroom project, you can be sure that our products will last – leaving you to enjoy your dream bathroom for years to come.

    Natural stone tile is a durable and practical decorative material, manufactured from large stone blocks extracted from our contracted quarries. We have high-quality natural stone bathroom tiles available in assorted sizes, forms and textures. From our selection, clients get to choose between polished and honed tiles for a sleek or matte finish.

    When choosing the perfect tiles for your bathroom, including wall and floor tiles, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, it might be a clever idea to only choose your preferred bathroom tiles when you have a visual of your entire dream bathroom in your head. This visual will allow you to plan around that one idea, and choose the rest of the projects for your bathroom design.

    Although there are so many options when it comes to bathroom tiles, it is important to remember that less is sometimes more. Design professionals suggest that 3 different tile types are usually enough for a bathroom. This includes floor tiles, wall tiles (also used in the shower and around the tub) and an accent tile that acts of the focal point of your bathroom design. This can be mosaic tiles, patterned tiles, or just tiles of a distinct colour. Other considerations to bear in mind are the tiles’ water resistance, maintenance and cleaning.

    With our natural stone tile options, clients can enjoy the unique stone texture and unparalleled rustic look of bathroom tiles with sandblasted, tumbled or antique finishes. With the variety of options available, you will undoubtedly find the tiles to create your ideal bathroom.

  • Outdoors

    Natural stone is ideally suited for outdoor applications, as it combines the aesthetics of a beautiful and timeless design with the practicality for outside use and durability. When choosing outdoor tiles, pool tiles, or pool pavers, it is essential to choose a stone type that will not only merge with the landscape, but also fit in flawlessly with your home.

    The variety of natural stone pool tiles and pool pavers from Turkey offered by Artmar will have you struggling to make the right choice! We have a large variety of outdoor tiles and pavers available, including travertine, granite, limestone and porcelain. All our products are manufactured to precision, using only the finest natural stone. Therefore, clients can be sure that when installing Artmar’s stone tiles or pavers, it is a long-term investment.

    Our stone tiles and pavers are all ideally suited to add a warm, natural touch to your garden, pool and entertainment area. The limestone tiles that we have in stock are characterised by their durability and earthy appearance, making these tiles practical yet beautiful at the same time. Clients can choose between vein cut and cross cut tiles for accentuated lines or voids, allowing them to enjoy the view of unique stone patterns and lines in their outdoor area.

    Apart from the cut, clients also have the option to choose between filled or unfilled outdoor tiles, pool tiles and pool pavers. Unfilled tiles are sure to be appreciated by those seeking to admire the natural stone structure with its holes and fissures, while filled tiles will be perfect for creating a uniform look in your exterior design.

    Of course, since tiles and pavers next to a pool will be in touch with water continuously, it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that these products will last, and still look beautiful. Luckily, the Artmar team will be able to provide you with the best tile sealants on the market, to keep liquids from penetrating the natural stone tiles.

    Bring your style to your outdoor living area with the wide range of outdoor tiles, pool tiles and pool pavers offered by Artmar. See our selection in our convenient online shop. 

  • Floor Tiles

    Natural stone has been used as a flooring solution for thousands of years. Unlike today’s people, our predecessors did not have the opportunity to choose from a variety of options. Nowadays, one has the option to choose between an enormous selection of floor tiles. With a variety of contemporary building and decoration materials available, natural stone is still one of the most desired and widely utilised materials due to its strength, durability and beauty.

    At Artmar, clients have access to a range of floor tiles manufactured from different natural stone materials and available in assorted sizes. Our size options include: 610x305x12, 305x305x12, 610x610x12, etc.

    When choosing floor tiles, it is important to take into account that flooring can change the entire look and feel of a room. So, you need to decide beforehand what your ultimate design goal is. Furthermore, you also need to consider the type of stone you choose, to ensure that it can withstand the amount of traffic in the area, as well as the amount of moisture (like in a kitchen or bathroom). If you are not someone who enjoys cleaning, it is also important to choose a limited maintenance flooring option, such as porcelain floor tiles.

    Our selection of natural stone floor tiles includes marble, and travertine, and each tile is unique in its offering.

    Marble is most often used in bathrooms due to its porous surface, ensuring that it is not slippery when wet. We have a wide range of marble tiles available in various light colours, ranging from off-white, to blue and grey. Marble is often recognised by its veins, forming a variety of intricate patterns.

    Travertine tiles are characterised by their wood-like exterior, adding a cosy touch to any room’s interior. This material is also recognised for its durability, and resistance to climate extremes – making it the perfect option for in- and outdoor use.

    Make sure you choose Artmar’s high quality, natural stone floor tiles to add texture and style to the interior or exterior of your home.

  • Kitchen Tiles

    Artmar offers a variety of stylish natural stone kitchen tiles to suit almost any taste. Our selection includes classic, as well as exotic and original options. When choosing kitchen tiles, it is important to not only consider the aesthetics of your tiles, but to also take their primary qualities into consideration. You want to make sure that your kitchen tiles are durable, strong, moisture resistant and resilient to scratches and stains.

    The natural stone tile options that we have available at our tile warehouse in Sydney, adheres to all these qualities, and best of all – they will immediately add a beautiful touch to your kitchen interior, making it a warm, welcoming area to spend time with family and friends.

    Natural stone kitchen tiles offer a smart and sustainable option for the interior of your kitchen. Our stone types, specially manufactured into kitchen tiles, include marble, porcelain, and travertine. These stone materials are durable and tough, which means that they can withstand substantial amounts of traffic – which is perfect for the kitchen!

    Apart from being hard wearing, these stone materials are also easy to clean and do not require any special maintenance. Of course, this is extremely important in a kitchen environment since it is unavoidable that liquids and oils will spatter or mess on the floor and walls. These kitchen tiles, however, are not susceptible to staining, which means that you can easily clean your kitchen tiles by only using a damp cloth.

    At Artmar, we offer clients the opportunity to choose from a variety of finishes and colours when purchasing their natural stone tiles. This allows clients to combine several types of tiles, not only for flooring and wall cladding, but also for decorative purposes.

    To ensure that your kitchen tiles will last long, and still look newly installed, our team will be sure to offer you some of the best sealing materials available on the market. Make sure you cover your natural stone tiles with the recommended type of sealer to avoid staining and etching.

    With our team of natural stone specialists at your side, you can be sure to appreciate and enjoy the elegant and cosy appearance of your newly renovated kitchen for years!

  • Marble Tiles

    Marble is a beautiful and durable decoration material that is very popular because of its pliability and varied colouration. This natural stone is formed as a result of a process in the Earth’s crust, when the structure of limestone is changed due to certain physical and chemical conditions. This wonderful process is what causes the unique combination of natural swirls and colours that is visible in several types of marble. Those seeking quality marble tiles, to brighten their living areas, kitchens or bathrooms, will be delighted by our product selection at Artmar.

    Marble tiles are ideal for living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, since they are easy to keep clean and are perfect for high traffic areas. Also, since they are water resistant, it is the perfect tile to use in areas where water is present – such as the kitchen and bathroom. It is known that marble tiles are also bacteria resistant, which is a great advantage to have in the kitchen.

    Although available in a variety of colours, marble is the perfect stone to create a very sophisticated look that fits every environment. Honed marble tiles are smooth to the touch and are the best option for high-traffic areas, including floors. The shiny and glossy, polished marble tiles are as a rule used for wall decoration. These can also be re-polished to ensure that the glossy effect is fully maintained.

    The colour of natural marble may be snow white and milky, adding a modern touch to your home’s interior, or you may also find it in grey and green hues, with variegated patterns and fancy inclusions, covering almost the entire colour range.

    Artmar has a wide selection of marble, all the way from Turkey, available at our Sydney warehouse. Our in-house team will gladly help you find the high-quality marble tiles you are looking for, which will blend in perfectly with your home’s interior.

  • Ceramic Tiles

    When choosing tiles for the interior or exterior of your home, colour is one of the main factors to influence your decision. It is crucial that you choose a tile shade that easily merges harmoniously with the interior of your property, and will not eventually bore you. Often, it is better to settle for a neutral, natural colour, as opposed to a bold and striking colour. For this reason, ceramic tiles are extremely popular for decoration in all rooms in a home, including the bathroom, living room, and outdoor areas.

    At our tile warehouse in Smithfield, Sydney, clients have access to a wide variety of ceramic tiles, manufactured from a range of natural stone products, including marble and travertine. Since we understand that choosing the right type and colour of tile for your decorating project is crucial, we will assist in any way possible to ensure that you make the perfect choice – which you can live with for many years.

    Colour can instantly make or break any rooms’ interior. Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular options for natural stone tiles due to several reasons. Firstly, white evokes a feeling of calmness, comfort, and purity, making the interior appear light and creating the sense of transparency within the space. Ceramic tiles are not straining on the eyes, making it an ideal option for areas where you spend lots of time. Using white tiles is also the perfect way to make a small space look and feel bigger. Lighter colours also act as a natural backdrop for decorative items and furniture pieces, making sure that each item is accentuated.

    Ceramic tiles are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as living rooms and outdoor areas. Lighter colours are the way to go to ensure that the room is instantly transformed into an airy and spacious place where you would like to spend as much time as possible.

    Artmar offers white indoor and outdoor tiles of a large variety. Our colours and finishes include Bianca Perla Honed, Bianca Perla Polished, and Bianca White, Honed and Filled.   These natural, ceramic tiles can easily be blended with different decorative materials to create various décor styles for your home.

  • Wall Tiles

    Wall decoration, by using wall tiles, is a certain way of creating an atmosphere in any room. To do this, and make sure that it looks striking, it is essential to choose tiles that fit the style and aesthetics of your home. At Artmar, we believe that natural stone wall tiles are the best way to not only make a bold statement, but also to add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home. We want to ensure that your mood is immediately lifted when you enter the room and notice your tiles!

    Natural stone tiles are the best option for those seeking an elegant and timeless look in the interior or exterior of their homes. These products offer natural strength and durability and with the right care and cleaning, your stone wall tiles will last a lifetime.

    At Artmar, we have a beautiful selection of wall tiles available, sourced from Turkey, Italy, and Egypt. Our exotic range of natural stone tiles include veined marble, rustic travertine, and warm limestone tiles. What makes our tiles even more appealing, is that each tile has its own unique markings, pattern and relief. Therefore, even though your wall will be tiled with the same type of tiles, each tile offers something unique.

    When choosing wall tiles, it is important to make sure that the type of tile you want matches the colour and texture of your floor tiles. If not, it is advisable to choose something else so that your tile designs will not clash, or in case want to change your floor tiles, we also offer a large variety of natural stone floor tiles.

    Of course, to ensure that your tiles last, it is important to take care of them in the correct manner. Since each natural stone type has distinct characteristics, it requires different care and cleaning methods. Our in-house team is extremely knowledgeable on each of our stone type’s requirements and will be able to assist you with advice on how to take care of your tiles for optimum aesthetics and longevity.

    To create a unique and versatile look in your home, shop for your natural stone wall tiles at Artmar.  

  • Travertine Pavers

    Travertine is a crystallised form of limestone. This beautiful sedimentary rock is characterised by its natural surface full of pits and voids, as well as the unique lines and patterns on its surface, offering a wide variety of colours and shades. At Artmar, we have a broad range of Turkish travertine pavers, all the way from Turkey, available in our warehouse. Since our products are manufactured from 100% natural stone, clients can expect some of the best quality travertine pavers in all of Sydney and surrounds. 

    Interestingly enough, the colour of travertine is susceptible to metamorphosis after it’s been manufactured. For example, pale shades may become brighter due to the oxidation of iron salts in the stone’s structure. We have travertine pavers in a range of colour variants available at Artmar, ranging from grey, silver, and mocha hues.

    Travertine is recognised as a hard wearing and long-lasting stone, that can withstand both hot and cold temperature extremes. Since the ancient times, travertine has been used as part of construction and flooring projects due to its beauty and strength. Nowadays, travertine is one of the most popular natural stones used for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes. This is due to its affordability, as well as its low maintenance and cleaning requirements. It is suited for flooring, as well as paving, and is often applied around pools.

    For paving, travertine pavers are a viable alternative to marble or even granite. Travertine pavers are the perfect pool and patio option due to their heat resistant ability and slip-resistance. Many families choose travertine pavers to prevent serious accidents around the pool.

    What makes travertine such a viable, all-inclusive option to be used for outdoor paving, is that it combines all the advantages of natural stone – solidity, durability, and eco-friendliness.

    If you are interested in installing this comprehensive natural stone product in your garden, feel free to browse through our selection of travertine pavers in our online shop. 

  • Vanity Basins

    Natural stone bathroom ware, such as basins, bathtubs, shower trays, and even toilets, are sure to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary. Stone was used to manufacture sinks and bathtubs in the ancient tomes, and this is now making a comeback. Adding a natural stone basin or bathtub to your bathroom, or a stone sink in your kitchen, will immediately transform the whole room into a tranquil, welcoming space. At Artmar, we have a range of natural stone basins available to be fitted into your bathroom.

    Stone décor elements are warm and pleasant to the touch and they are truly spectacular. Furthermore, basins made from natural stone are hard-wearing and durable, and if treated and sealed correctly, they will last you a lifetime. Besides, they are ecologically friendly and characterised by their auspicious bioenergy.

    The range of travertine vanity basins offered by Artmar are both stylish and functional in their offering. These natural stone pieces have been specifically crafted to accentuate the sophisticated design of a luxury bathroom or kitchen. Travertine is known as a very strong yet pliable material, making it the perfect stone to craft a basin from. Natural stone basins are usually manufactured from one solid piece of stone. The basins we have on offer may seem simple, but they will fit perfectly into almost any bathroom design.

    Our range of vanity basins have been specifically designed and manufactured to showcase the rich, natural texture of travertine, in its white, beige or peachy hues. Clients have the option of choosing between an original, rough rock face or polished and honed finish – depending on the element you want to add to your bathroom. Apart from the colour and finish, we also have a wide range of different basin shapes to suit your taste.

    Whether you are creating a bathroom or kitchen design from scratch, or just looking for a slight renovation, make sure you browse through our selection of natural stone bathroom and kitchen ware, including basins and bathtubs. We can assure you that our products will be the perfect element to add to your design.

  • Adhesives & Sealers

    At Artmar, clients can expect great assistance through every step of your tiling project. Not only do we supply the highest quality natural stone tiles for walls and floors, we also offer adhesive and sealers to ensure that your products are installed in the best way possible, for long lasting results.

    Some natural stone tile types, for example honed or tumbled travertine and marble tiles, require sealing to protect them from adhesive and grout getting into the pores of the stone during the fixing and installation. Sealing is also essential to eliminate the risk of etching and staining, and will allow your tiles to look new for longer.

    We supply only the best adhesives and sealers on the market to ensure risk-free installation and a perfect finish, every time! Since different tiles require distinct types of sealing products, depending on the tile’s porosity, it is advisable to ask one of our specialist consultants for advice on which sealant to use for your natural stone tiles.

    Adhesive is either used for the installation, or the repair of tiles. The adhesives that we supply at Artmar are user-friendly, it only needs to be mixed with water, and it has been specifically formulated to ensure a strong, yet flexible installation of your products. Choosing the correct adhesive is important when fixing any type of natural stone tile. Using adhesive is a fast and efficient way to fix tiles that have been damaged due to everyday wearing and tearing.

    Artmar offers you the finest range of sealers and adhesives at reasonable prices for fast, secure and comfortable work with any type of natural stone tile. 

  • Wall Cladding

    Stone cladding has become popular in the design and decoration of both residential and commercial properties. It immediately adds a rustic touch and a look of natural sophistication to a building, or the interior of a room. Due to the high durability and abrasion resistance of natural stone tiles, these materials are perfect for exterior applications such as wall cladding.

    At Artmar, we have an extensive selection of natural stone products available for cladding purposes, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the more popular stone options for this purpose include granite and travertine, which we have available in a range of colours and textures. We ensure that our stone slabs are cut into slabs of equal thickness, for simple and easy installation.

    Wall cladding with natural stone is resistant to sun radiation and various climatic conditions. It is also an effective heat insulator and therefore prevents extreme heat loss or gain in any building. Regardless of the mechanical, chemical or physical impact it is exposed to – the life of natural stone decoration can usually be measured in decades.

    Another benefit of natural stone wall cladding is that is does not require any special maintenance or upkeep, allowing you to enjoy the fantastic look of your walls for a long time, without much hassle. If your cladding is done professionally, it will also act as a protective layer between external elements and your internal wall – protecting it from water absorption and other weather-related damage.

    Due to its excellent decoration qualities, natural stone cladding is perfect for implementing the most daring design ideas. The texture of distinguished travertine or granite cladding tiles is difficult to confuse with anything else, which is why this façade will make any house appear sophisticated and stylish.

    Every type of natural stone is characterised by its intricate patterns and unique shades. With stone cladding, one can create a unique wall decoration by combining patterns and colours of different stone cladding tiles. Visit our online shop to view our cladding selection and start putting a perfect statement wall together. 

  • Mosaic Tiles

    Natural stone mosaics are one of the most popular facing materials of all time. In the ancient times, they were used for the decoration of temples and shrines. Today, natural stone mosaic tiles, such as travertine mosaics and marble mosaics, adorn bathrooms and Hammams as well as various surfaces in kitchen and bars, where it is most often used for countertop decorations.

    This beautiful, natural stone material offers endless variations of decorative solutions. Mosaic tiles are practical, as they do not require exceptional care or maintenance, and are also eco-friendly.

    The range of mosaics offered by Artmar includes marble mosaics and travertine mosaics that can be used for the decoration of different surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, and even bedrooms. What makes this stone product even more diverse, is that it is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors due to its resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures. These natural stone tiles can be applied in any design you desire – it can be used as part of your floor tile design, on your walls, on counter tops, around fireplaces, around your pool, in your pool, and so much more. The possibilities are nearly endless!

    At Artmar, our selection of marble mosaics and travertine mosaics are also available in different cuts. So, whether you are looking for rectangle, square shaped or French pattern for implementing it into your home’s décor, with our range of natural stone mosaic tiles you have everything you need to create a unique and stylish finish in your home.

  • Sandstone Tiles

    Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed mainly from cemented sand-sized minerals or rock grains.The vast majority of sandstones types are composed of quartz, the most physically and chemically resistant mineral.

    Sandstone is a very durable material that won’t be damaged either by temperature extremes, strong winds, and heavy rains or by other adverse conditions. Apart from its solidity, sandstone is a high-strength and water-absorbing building material.

    With grey, terracotta, green, red, brown, beige and yellow being the sandstone prevalent colors, sandstone tiles are the great material to use for indoor as well as outdoor decoration. They perfectly blend in with the landscaping or interior creating a very natural look for your home.

  • Limestone

    Modern construction materials are impressive in their appearance and characteristics. However, building materials that have been used for thousands of years are still being utilised in home renovations and construction projects today. Since limestone is such a versatile and extremely durable stone material, we at Artmar have a wide range of limestone tiles on offer.

    Limestone is a beautiful, natural rock composed mainly of seashells, skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as corals and molluscs, and other marine sediments. Depending on the region in which limestone was formed, its colour varies from soft whites and creams, to jet black.

    Limestone is the best example of a historic building material that is still recognised and popular today. This stone material was favoured by ancient Egyptians and was used as the main building material for the famous Great Pyramid in Giza, which is still standing today. This is testament to the weathering resistance of this versatile, natural stone.

    Due to its pliability, durability, resistance to moisture, as well as sudden temperature and humidity changes, limestone tiles are widely recommended and used for exterior decoration purposes. Limestone tiles also work perfectly for interior applications such as kitchen countertops, fireplaces, windowsills, flooring and wall cladding, and if correctly installed and maintained, it will last and look as brand new for many years.

    For a lasting and cost effective natural stone addition to your home, why not opt to have our beautiful limestone tiles installed, either inside or outside your house? The variety of beautifully matching colours of limestone, with shell and mineral mottling, is sure to create a unique décor element in your home. Since we only use top quality materials to manufacture our stone products, clients can rest assured that their Artmar tiles are a great investment.

  • Bathtub

    A natural stone bathtub is an elegant décor piece that is not just hygienic, but also luxurious. It embodies its owner's wealth and good taste. After you use it for the first time, you are sure to fall in love with it forever. Both a sleek or matte inner surface is surprisingly pleasant to the touch, while the outer roughness conveys the solidity of raw stone.

    The  gorgeous bathtubs that we have available at Artmar are sure to help you wake up in the morning or relax and rejuvenate after an exhausting day at work, due to the healthfulness of the stone.

    These unique bathtubs, made from a stone of your choice, are a good option if you have a large bathroom. They allow you to turn your ordinary bathroom into a spa-like, luxury bathroom. They make for the perfect centre piece in any bathroom and immediately add a warm, natural feel to your tub. The stone adds an element of warmth and uniqueness to the room, creating a haven of relaxation for anyone who enters. 

    Using natural stone as part of your interior design, is known for positively affecting the entire human body due to the energy conveyed by the stones. Not only do these natural baths have a range of visual and health properties, their amazing strength and durability cannot be overestimated. They are resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, and do not require any exceptional care or attention, since stone prevents fungus formation. This is a great investment and we guarantee that our natural stonebathtub will adorn your bathroom and serve you for many decades, while at the same time charging you with positive energy and warmth.

    The bathtubs that we supply at Artmar are made of travertine. Feel free to browse through our selection of tubs, and other natural bathroom ware options, on our online shop.

  • Fountain

    A fountain made of natural stone is a striking and attention-grabbing décor element wherever it is situated – indoors or outdoors. Today, everyone can install a fountain of their choice at home and there are plenty of benefits to doing so. Of course, it adds a beautiful, striking element to your garden, allowing you to structure the rest of the landscape design around it. It is also easy to maintain, if cleaned regularly.

    The natural travertine fountain available from Artmar is a unique handmade piece that reveals much of the status of its owners. Its rustic rock face surface creates an atmosphere of primal cosiness. The harmonious natural look, attracting birds and other wildlife, along with the gurgling sound of water flowing, will make you feel at one with nature. This is a wonderful way to relief stress and worries in the comfort of your own garden. Furthermore, this piece of natural stone art will be sure to impress even the most discerning guest to the home.

    Travertine is one of the strongest natural materials. Although many people think that travertine is quite similar to granite, it belongs to the limestone category, but due to extra heat and pressure from the earth’s crust, it changes into a different type of stone that comes in many colours. Travertine can be in hues of beige, grey, gold, and brown. Other colours can also be present in the veins running through the stone, in undertones of green, red and a rust-colour.  

    For centuries, this type of stone has been used as a reliable building material for centuries. It was used as part of the construction of historic buildings, still standing today, like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and St. Peter’s Basilica. Since travertine is also able to withstand temperature extremes – hot or cold – it is perfect for outdoor use.

    There are plenty of reasons to choose travertine for your water feature or fountain. Fountains and other decoration elements made of this natural stone will serve you for many years without any special maintenance through the four seasons.

    Feel free to explore Artmar’s selection of travertine tiles to complement this magnificent natural stone fountain. 

  • Tiles Sale

    For a long time, natural stone tiles have been known as an expensive and luxurious decoration material. Many considered it an unaffordable choice for all but the finest homes. However, this little piece of luxury is affordable, making it possible for most home owners to invest in natural stone products for their homes, especially with Artmar offering natural stone tiles in Sydney, at low prices. Be sure to visit our tile warehouse to witness it for yourself!

    The natural stone tile section at Artmar’s tile warehouse is extremely varied – we aim to cater to all your decorating needs, both indoors and outdoors. The stone materials used to manufacture our products are sourced, extracted and manufactured in Turkey. This is done by our sister company, Stone Bazaar Mining and Export Ltd. They make sure to use only the best quality natural stone, found at various contracted quarries. From these stones, the products we supply are manufactured, allowing to us to provide some of the most beautiful tiles in Sydney, and the rest of the world. 

    Our selection of stone, available as tiles, countertops, mosaics, cladding slabs, pavers, bathtubs, fountains, and more, include granite, marble, porcelain, travertine, and limestone. Each stone has its own, unique look and characteristics, but all are sure to add a beautiful sophisticated touch to your home’s interior or exterior.

    We invite all to examine our beautiful range of tiles on sale at Artmar, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your natural stone requirements. The uniquely patterned and textured tiles that we offer are a versatile decoration option, suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications. We have thinner wall tiles and thicker floor tiles available for different applications. Of course, clients can also choose their desired finish, including a honed, polished, tumbled or sandblasted finish.

    For the most exquisite and durable tiles in Sydney and surround, be sure to shop at Artmar’s tile warehouse and enjoy a timeless look at the low prices.

  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Indoor Tiles
  • Porcelain Pavers
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