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  • Travertine Tiles

    Travertine is beautiful and hard wearing building material that has been used in construction since the ancient times. For example, the famous Colosseum in Rome was built from travertine along with other materials. It’s due to the solidity of the building materials that the Colosseum is still standing to this day.

    Not only its wearability makes travertine one of the most popular natural minerals commonly used today for façades decoration, wall cladding, and flooring. Travertine provides complete thermal insulation and soundproofing. Its colour varies from white to dark brown and bright red. Travertine tiles work for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    The variety of travertine tiles finishes offered by Artmar is amazing. Vein cut features natural lines of the stone while cross cut emphasises travertine’s pits and voids. Unfilled travertine with exposed holes and grooves, filled travertine with a smoother finish, tumbled with an aged finish or sandblasted. Whatever choice you make, you will get the highest quality, reasonable price and unique look that benefits any modern interior.

  • Bathroom Tiles

    Whether you are preparing for a day to come or relaxing in the evening, bathroom is the area where you want to feel always comfortable. Bathroom decoration materials play a significant role in creating coziness, so make sure you make the right choice of the materials that perfectly meet your expectations.

    Natural stone tiles are durable and practical decoration material, made of stone blocks produced all around the world. Artmar offers you high-quality natural stone tiles of different sizes, forms and textures. Choose between polished and honed tiles for sleek of matte finish. Enjoy the unique stone texture and unparalleled rustic look of your bathroom tiles with sandblasted, tumbled or antique finishes. With the variety of options we offer, you will undoubtedly find the tiles which will help you create your ideal bathroom.

  • Outdoors

    Natural stone is the ideally suitable material for outdoor applications, as it combines the aesthetics of a beautiful and timeless design with the practicality important for use outside. When choosing outdoor tiles it’s essential to find the tiles merging in with the landscape as well as creating a seamless look with the home.

    The variety of natural stone tiles from Turkey offered by Artmar will help you make the right choice. Sandstone and limestone tiles that we have in stock are characterised by their durability and earthy appearance, making the tiles practical yet beautiful at the same time. Decide between vein cut and cross cut tiles for accentuated lines or voids, if you want to enjoy the view of the unique stone patterns and lines in your outdoor area. Unfilled tiles are sure to be appreciated by those seeking for admiring the natural stone structure with its holes and fissures, while filled tiles will be perfect for creating the uniform look.

    Bring your style outside with the wide range of outdoor tiles offered by Artmar.

  • Floor Tiles

    Natural stone has been used for flooring for thousands of years. Unlike today’s people, our predecessors didn’t have an opportunity to choose from a lot of options. With a variety of contemporary building and decoration material natural stone is still one of the most desired and widely used one due to its strength, durability and beauty.

    Artmar offers a range of floor tiles of different sizes to choose from: 610x305x12, 305x305x12, 600x600x16 etc. Marble is traditionally used in bathrooms due to its porous surface which is not slippery.  There is a wide range of colour of marble tiles, but this stone is mainly recognised for its veins, forming variegated fancy patterns. Travertine tiles are characterised by their wood-like look giving a cozy touch to the interior. Sandstone tiles are recognised for the wide variety of patterns and colours and are an ideal chose for patios, terraces and out outdoor areas.

    When choosing floor tiles, remember that flooring can change the entire look and feel of a room. Make sure you choose Artmar’s highest quality natural stone tiles to add texture and style to your interior.

  • Kitchen Tiles

    Artmar offers a variety of stylish natural stone kitchen tiles including classic as well as exotic and original options. When choosing kitchen tiles, make sure you are not only guided by the way they appear in the kitchen, but also by their primary qualities - durability, strength, and resistance to scratches and stains.

    Natural stone kitchen tiles are very sustainable material. They are easy to clean and don’t require any special maintenance. The variety of finishes and colours allows combining tiles not only for flooring and wall cladding but also for decoration of kitchen as well as other elements of your interior. Make sure you cover your natural stone tiles with the needed type of sealer to avoid staining and etching and enjoy the elegant and cozy appearance of your kitchen for years.

  • Marble Tiles

    Marble is a beautiful and durable decoration material, popular because of its pliability and coloration. This stone is formed as a result of a natural process in the Earth’s crust when the structure of limestone was changed due to certain physical and chemical conditions. This wonderful process is reflected in the unique combination of natural swirls and colours of different types of marble. The colour of marble may be snow white and milky, as well as having grey and green hues, variegated patterns and fancy inclusions, covering the entire colour range.

    Marble tiles are ideal for living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, creating a very sophisticated look that fits every environment. Honed marble tiles are smooth to the touch and are the best option for high-traffic areas, including floors. The shiny and glossy polished marble tiles are as a rule used for wall decoration. With its wide selection of marble from Turkey, Artmar will help you find the high-quality tiles which will blend in perfectly with your interior. 

  • White Tiles

    When choosing decoration tiles, colour is one of the main factors influencing our decision. It’s indeed crucial that the tiles’ shade merge in harmoniously with the interior and doesn’t annoy eventually.

    White is one of the most popular colors of natural stone tiles due to several obvious reasons. The look of white tiles evokes the feelings of calmness, comfort, and purity, making the interior appear light and creating the sense of transparency within the space. White tiles won’t strike your eye, so it’s an ideal option for the premises where you spend most of your time. They are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms as well as sitting rooms and outdoor areas. Besides, one of the main advantages of using white tiles is that they can do wonders for visually expanding space.

    Artmar offers white indoor and outdoor tiles with the honed or polished finish. They can be easily blended in with different decoration materials for creating various styles of your décor.

  • Wall Tiles

    Wall decoration is certainly the thing creating an atmosphere in the room. So it’s essential to choose the tiles that fit your style and aesthetics of your home.

    Natural stone tiles are the best option for those searching for the elegant and timeless look. With their natural strength and durability and with the right care, your stone wall tiles will last a lifetime.

    Sourced from Turkey, India and Iran, Artmar’s range features beautifully veined marble, rustic travertine, warm limestone and textured sandstone tiles. Every tile has its own unique markings, pattern and relief, offering an individual look.

    When choosing wall tiles, carefully check if their color and texture match your floor tiles. In case you need to change something we offer a vague variety of floor tiles too.

    Shop natural wall tiles at Artmar for creating the unique and versatile look that will help you implement your décor ideas.

  • Travertine Pavers

    Travertine is a crystallised form of limestone. This beautiful sedimentary rock is characterised by the natural surface pits and voids as well as unique lines and patterns in a wide variety of colours and shades. Interestingly enough, the colour of travertine is susceptible to metamorphosis after the production. For example, pale shades become brighter due to the oxidation of iron salts in the stone’s structure.

    Recognised as a hard wearing and beautiful material since the ancient times, travertine is now one of the most popular natural stones used for indoor and outdoor decoration. As a paving material, travertine is a good alternative to marble or even granite. Travertine pavers are the perfect pool and patio pavers due to their heat resisting ability and slip-resistance.  Travertine combines all the advantage of natural stone – solidity, durability, and eco-friendliness.

  • Vanity Basins

    Natural stone bathware is sure to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary. Stone décor elements are warm and pleasant to the touch, hard-wearing, durable and spectacular. Besides, they are ecologically friendly and characterised by their auspicious bioenergy. Travertine vanity basins offered by Artmar are both stylish and functional pieces that will accentuate the sophisticated design of your bathroom or kitchen. Travertine is very strong yet pliable material, so apart from the monumentality and simplicity of forms o these natural stone pieces they appear very presentable.

    Vanity basins offered by Artmar create an ideal showcase of the rich natural travertine texture of white, beige and peach hues. Choose between the rockface and honed finish as well as wide range of different basin shapes to suit your home interior.

    Whether you are creating your bathroom or kitchen design from scratch or just looking for the slight renovation, make sure you get familiar with our selection of the natural stone bathroom and kitchen tiles that will allow creating the seamless look between the different elements of your interior.

  • Adhesives & Sealers

    In Artmar we don’t only offer the highest quality floor and wall natural stone tiles, we offer adhesive and sealers too.

    Some natural stone tiles types, for example, honed or tumbled travertine and marble tiles, require sealing to protect them from adhesive and grout getting into the pores of the stone during fixing. Sealing is also essential to eliminating the risk of etching and staining and ensuring risk-free installation and a perfect finish every time.

    Adhesive and the way it is used is a very important stage during the fixing of the natural stone too. Using adhesive is a very fast and efficient way to fix the tiles. Easy-to-use, it only requires mixing with water to provide the increased bonding strength.

    Artmar offers you the finest sealers and adhesives for reasonable prices for fast, secure and comfortable work with your natural stone tiles.

  • Wall Cladding

    High durability and abrasion resistance allow using natural stone tiles for exterior applications such as wall cladding. Such surface will survive many years of use without discolouration or texture damage. 

    Natural stone wall cladding is resistant to sun radiation and vagaries of weather. No matter what mechanical or chemical or physical impact it is exposed to – the life of natural stone decoration can be measured by decades. Natural stone wall cladding doesn’t require any special maintenance, and despite that you are sure to enjoy the fantastic look of walls for a long time. Due to its excellent decoration qualities,  the natural stone cladding is perfect for implementing the most daring design ideas. The texture of distinguished marble, travertine or granite cladding tiles is difficult to confuse with anything else. Such façade will make any house appear sophisticated and stylish.

    Every type of natural stone is characterised by its intricate patterns and unique shades. Chose the inimitable wall decoration by combining patterns and colours of different wall cladding tiles.

  • Mosaic Tiles

    Natural stone mosaics have been one of the most popular facing materials of all times. In the ancient times they have been used for decoration of temples and shrines. Today natural stone mosaic tiles adorn bathrooms and Hammams as well as various surfaces such as kitchen and bar countertops. This beautiful material offers endless variations of decoration solutions. Apart from that mosaic tiles are very practical as they don’t require any special care or maintenance, being an absolutely eco-friendly facing material.

    Marble and travertine mosaics offered by Artmar can be used for decoration of different surfaces indoors as well as outdoors due to their resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures. Whether you look for rectangle, square or French pattern for implementing your décor ideas, with our range of natural stone mosaic tiles you are sure to create unique and stylish finish in your home.

  • Sandstone Tiles

    Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed mainly from cemented sand-sized minerals or rock grains.The vast majority of sandstones types are composed of quartz, the most physically and chemically resistant mineral.

    Sandstone is a very durable material that won’t be damaged either by temperature extremes, strong winds, and heavy rains or by other adverse conditions. Apart from its solidity, sandstone is a high-strength and water-absorbing building material.

    With grey, terracotta, green, red, brown, beige and yellow being the sandstone prevalent colors, sandstone tiles are the great material to use for indoor as well as outdoor decoration. They perfectly blend in with the landscaping or interior creating a very natural look for your home.

  • Limestone

    Modern construction materials are impressive in their appearance and characteristics. However, materials that have been used thousands of years ago are still on point.

    Limestone is the best example of such a recognised yet popular material. Favoured by ancient Egyptians as the main building material for the famous Great Pyramid in Giza, limestone is a beautiful natural rock composed mainly of seashells, skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as corals and mollusks, and other marine sediments. Depending on the region in which limestone was formed, its color varies from soft whites and creams to jet black.

    Due to their pliability, durability, resistance to moisture as well as sudden temperature and air humidity changes, limestone tiles are widely used for exterior decoration. Limestone tiles also work for interior applications such as kitchen countertops, fireplaces, windowsills, flooring and wall cladding.

    The vague variety of beautifully matching colours of limestone with shell and mineral mottling is sure to help you create the unique décor with the use of natural stone tiles. 

  • Bathtub

    Natural stone bathtub is the elegant piece that is not just hygienic but also luxurious. It embodies its owner's wealth and good taste. After you use it for the first time, you are sure to fall in love with it forever. Sleek or matte inner surface is surprisingly pleasant to the touch, while the outer roughness conveys solidity of the raw stone.

    The natural stone bathtub will help you wake up in the morning or relax and rejuvenate after a hard day, due to the healthfulness of the stone.

    Bathtubs made of travertine, marble, granite and other natural stones are famous for the energy they convey, which positively affects the entire human body. Natural stone baths have a range of visual and health properties, but their amazing strength and durability cannot be overestimated. They are resistant to moisture and temperature extremes and don’t require special care. Besides, natural stone prevents fungus formation. The natural stone bathtub will adorn your bathroom and serve for many decades, charging you with the positive energy and warmth.

  • Fountain

    Fountain made of natural stone is a striking and attention-grabbing décor element wherever it is situated – indoors or outdoors. Today everyone can install a fountain at home. However, the natural travertine fountain offered by Artmar is a unique handmade piece that can say a lot about the status of its owner. Its rustic rockface surface creates the atmosphere of the primal coziness. The harmonious natural look and the gurgling water sound will make you fill alone with nature and take any stress and worries away. Besides, this piece of art will amaze your guests and people visiting your house.

    Travertine is one of the strongest natural materials. Fountains and other decoration elements made of it will serve you for many years without any special maintenance through the four seasons. Examine the Artmar’s selection of travertine tiles to complement this magnificent natural stone fountain.

  • Tiles Sale

    For a long time natural stone tiles have been known as an expensive and luxurious decoration material, considered an unaffordable choice for all but the finest homes. However, things have changed, and now this little piece of luxury is affordable to most homes with Artmar offering natural stone tiles at the low prices.

    Examine our beautiful range of tiles on sale and you are sure to find something that would satisfy your natural stone needs. The uniquely patterned and textured tiles that we offer are at the same time a versatile decoration option suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Thinner wall tiles and thicker floor ones, with honed, polished, tumbled or sandblasted finish - shop natural marble and travertine tiles at Artmar and enjoy durability and luxurious, timeless look of your décor at the low prices.

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