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Modern construction materials are impressive in their appearance and characteristics. However, building materials that have been used for thousands of years are still being utilised in home renovations and construction projects today. Since limestone is such a versatile and extremely durable stone material, we at Artmar have a wide range of limestone pavers on offer.

Limestone is a beautiful, natural rock composed mainly of seashells, skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as corals and molluscs, and other marine sediments. Depending on the region in which limestone was formed, its colour varies from soft whites and creams, to jet black.

Limestone is the best example of a historic building material that is still recognised and popular today. This stone material was favoured by ancient Egyptians and was used as the main building material for the famous Great Pyramid in Giza, which is still standing today. This is testament to the weather resistance of this versatile, natural stone.

Crema Siena – Tumbled & Sandblasted

Product Name: Crema Siena – Tumbled & Sandblasted

Category/Material: Limestone

Size (mm): 610 x 406 x 30; 610 x 406 x 60/30  Drop Edge; 610 x 406 x 30 Bullnose

Surface-finish: Tumbled & Sandblasted

Sienna Earth Acid washed and tumbled

Product Name: Sienna Earth Acid washed and tumbled

Category/Material: Limestone

Size (mm): 610 x 406 x 30; 610 x 406 x 60/30  Drop Edge; 610 x 406 x 30 Bullnose

Surface-finish: Washed and Tumbled


Due to its pliability, durability, resistance to moisture, as well as sudden temperature and humidity changes, limestone is widely recommended and used for exterior decoration purposes. Limestone also works perfectly for interior applications such as kitchen countertops, fireplaces, windowsills, flooring and wall cladding, and if correctly installed and maintained, it will last and look as brand new for many years.

For a lasting and cost effective natural stone addition to your home, why not opt to have our beautiful limestone pavers installed outside your house, for a stylish and lasting finish to your outdoor entertainment area?

The variety of beautifully matching colours of limestone, with shell and mineral mottling, is sure to create a unique décor element in your home or garden. Since we only use top quality materials to manufacture our stone products, clients can rest assured that their Artmar tiles or pavers are a great investment.

If you are interested in updating your patio’s look and feel, be sure to talk to us to discuss your paver options.

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