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When it comes to Turkish & Egyptian natural stone, Artmar’s unrivalled supply chain is what sets us apart as the market leading wholesaler of natural stone. Alongside our sister company Artmersan in Turkey, we are:

  • Quarry owners – proud owners of one the few remaining well resourced Denizli travertine quarries, acquired during 2021
  • Manufacturers – our sister company Artmersan produces a significant quantity for us in our groups own production factory, also based in Denizli.
  • Export Agents – our ‘’in-house” export agency has been operating in Turkey since 2008, when it was initially formed to support our sister company in South Africa, which continues to thrive to this day. We have people on the ground in Turkey to manage the process for any orders made at 3rd party factories. For the most part, we deal with a select number of factories in Turkey & Egypt in order to ensure ongoing consistency and optimum quality control.
  • Importers – our team has significant industry experience and relationships across the importing field, and particularly within shipping.
  • Wholesalers – we are the number 1 wholesaler in our specific market segment in Australia. Our local team has significant prior experience in both retail and wholesale, so we usually know what our customers want. But sometimes we don’t, so we like to think we are humble enough to ask you…..

Our supply chain brings scale, knowledge, consistency, and flexibility above and beyond others in our market space.

About Us

Artmar Natural Stone commenced in South Africa in 2006, importing its first shipment of travertine tiles. The South African business, under the ownership of brothers Ufuk & Sureyya Caner, grew into a highly successful operation with locations in both Cape Town & Johannesburg, and stands as the market leader in its field South Africa. Since the commencement of the South African business, Artmar’s Turkish supply chain has since been strengthened with investments in an export agency, a manufacturing facility, and later quarries, with a well resourced Denizli travertine quarry acquired during 2021.

The Australian business was formed in 2010, in Sydney, and built from the ground up with much hard work by Sureyya Caner and his team. Utilising the competitive advantage afforded by its supply chain, the Australian business has grown to become the pre-eminent wholesaler in its market space. Phil Crawford, a former Managing Director of Amber Tiles, joined the business in 2017 and also became a part owner. The team was further strengthened in the years that followed, and in 2019, Artmar opened a second warehouse in Melbourne. The business has built a strong appreciation of the Australian market, and developed many relationships to support its continued growth. Artmar now imports large numbers of containers into the ports of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide on a regular basis.

Our focus is simple. Listen to our customers. Play to our strengths. Hold good stock levels of quality product. And then repeat it all over again.

To make an enquiry, contact us at

Email : sales@artmar.com.au

Phone : 1300 278 627

Why Choose Us?

We listen

One size doesn’t fit all. We will help you tailor your natural stone offer using our products in a way that best suits your business.

We play to our strengths

We focus on importing high quality product from where we have a competitive advantage that we can bring to you. We don’t bother where we can’t.

We hold good stock levels of quality product

We do our utmost to give you the confidence we can consistently supply your orders. We’ll never promise perfection on this, importing is fickle. But we will promise to be consistently better than the others.

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